Commit Date  
[r115] by assemble

updating repository structure

2009-07-06 23:24:48 Tree
[r114] by jetli

- Fixed Path to Add Event-Icons
- Moved Event-Icons to EventCalIcons Directory for better control
- Added missing eventinfobd.gif if Event and Birthday on same date

2009-07-05 13:16:16 Tree
[r113] by deti_p

add missing entrys

2009-07-04 21:11:03 Tree
[r112] by jetli

- Add Label Tag in Add/Modify Event Page

2009-07-03 20:52:18 Tree
[r111] by jetli

- Add Label Tag in EventCal Settings

2009-07-03 20:51:58 Tree
[r110] by jetli

- Change align="middle" on eventbd.gif" to align="bottom" to fix the Text height left icon

2009-07-03 20:51:28 Tree
[r109] by jetli

- Change eventcal.gif with my icon from Mod

2009-07-03 20:50:47 Tree
[r108] by deti_p

Add bigger icon to match the others on BoardIndex on default template

2009-07-03 16:01:32 Tree
[r107] by deti_p

fix error

2009-07-03 15:01:05 Tree
[r106] by deti_p

small fixes

2009-07-03 13:20:37 Tree
[r105] by deti_p

fix error

2009-07-03 12:52:53 Tree
[r104] by deti_p
2009-07-03 12:06:37 Tree
[r103] by deti_p

fix some bugs in new feature EventCalendar

2009-07-03 12:01:51 Tree
[r102] by deti_p

Add of EventCalendar

2009-07-03 00:44:50 Tree
[r101] by jetli

fix span tag

2009-07-01 15:18:46 Tree
[r100] by jetli

capitalization fixes

2009-07-01 15:15:00 Tree
[r99] by deti_p

fix error submitted by a user who's users did get error messages when trying to view a thread

2009-07-01 13:15:48 Tree
[r98] by kless

bug fixed.


2009-07-01 10:38:58 Tree
[r97] by jetli

fix spelling/improve text for Admin Center

2009-06-30 16:20:31 Tree
[r96] by jetli

change poll_mod to poll_modify

2009-06-30 15:56:40 Tree
[r95] by jetli

change poll_mod to poll_modify

2009-06-30 15:49:08 Tree
[r94] by jetli

thread.gif to viewthread.gif for showcase poll

2009-06-30 15:24:52 Tree
[r93] by jetli

image for showcase poll to link a thread

2009-06-30 15:20:36 Tree
[r92] by deti_p

Add missing image "viewthread"
apply code changes

2009-06-30 11:59:08 Tree
[r91] by deti_p

fixed some errors when saving/removing voted from poll in SQL mode.

2009-06-29 22:48:00 Tree
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