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YaBB 2.6 and 2.7

YaBB 2.6 (this is the current trunk) has been out for a while and YaBB 2.7 is being tested

Posted by Dandello 2017-10-03

YaBB 2.5.2

YaBB 2.5.2 is here. Based on YaBB 2.5AE it has many needed bug-fixes and new templates.

Posted by Dandello 2013-06-21

YaBB 2.4 Released April 13, 2009

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! Just 3 months since the last release, the Easter bunny dropped off YaBB 2.4. This release includes an extensive amount of bug fixes. Additionally, the amount of settings files was reduced, and the code was improved.

Posted by Corey Chapman 2009-04-13

YaBB 2.3.1 Released January 4, 2009

One week early from the planned schedule of releases every 3 months, Yet another Bulletin Board (YaBB) 2.3.1 is here! Many bugs have been fixed from version 2.3. In addition, we are excited to announce some new bonus features, including support for MySpace videos, a password strength meter, an option to search within YaBBC tags on the post search page, Net::SMTP::TLS mail support, and a backup recovery feature.... read more

Posted by Corey Chapman 2009-01-04

You Wanted it - We Delivered - YaBB 2.3

The much anticipated release of YaBB, version 2.3, is here! This is one of the biggest and best updates to the YaBB 2 line. Several new and long overdue features have been added – you’ll recognize them as the most popular BoardMod modifications for YaBB. Overall, 16 large features have been added. On top of that, dozens of bugs, layout issues, spelling errors, and documentation deficiencies have been corrected!... read more

Posted by Corey Chapman 2008-10-12

Yet another Bulletin Board: The team did it again - 2.2.3

YaBB is a FREE Perl forum (bulletin board) system that has rivaled professional message boards for years. YaBB provides chat for visitors where they can post any time and reply to anyone!

Just 5 weeks after the last release, we are proud to announce Yet another YaBB update! This release provides primarily bug and layout fixes. There are a few minor bonus feature additions too.

Posted by Corey Chapman 2008-07-15

Another Release! YaBB 2.2.2

In a new effort to reduce early and often, the YaBB Team is proud to announce version 2.2.2 of the popular Yet another Bulletin Board forum system. Still written in the Perl language, this system is one of the most secure and reliable message boards in existence. Trust the open source project that has been around for 8 years!

This release contains several bug fixes, performance improvements, and layout improvements reported as issues by users of YaBB 2.2.1. It is not considered a critical update, but as always, upgrading is easy and recommended.

Posted by Corey Chapman 2008-06-06

YaBB 2.2.1 - bug fix updates to YaBB 2.2

This is the highly anticipated bug fix release to YaBB 2.2 released in November 2007. It fixes many minor and a few large issues.

Additionally, bonus features were added. These include additional fonts on the post page for YaBBC code, the ability to reorder or add tabs to the main menu (when in tabbed style), and the ability for users to drag and expand the size of the textarea used for the message body when creating posts.

Posted by Corey Chapman 2008-03-06

YaBB 2.2 - 2 years in the making

Exactly 2 years from the release of YaBB 2.1, the YaBB team presents to you:

YaBB 2.2 - small numbers don't mean small changes

This release is a highly recommended update, as it closes a few high-level security issues. Not only that, but it provides MANY new features. Most notably include: RSS feeds, user center, buddy list, enhanced private messaging, security and spam-fighting enhancements, advanced templating, media center, invisible mode, and much more....... read more

Posted by Corey Chapman 2007-11-09

YaBB a Finalist in SourceForge Community Choice Awards

YaBB has been nominated as Best Project for Communications on!

YaBB has been selected as a finalist in the SourceForge 2007 Community Choice Awards. Please vote for YaBB! The 2007 Community Choice Awards provide you with an opportunity to recognize projects that stand taller than the rest. There are thousands of projects hosted there. Out of all of them, YaBB is one of those nominated for "Best Project for Communications!"... read more

Posted by Corey Chapman 2007-07-06

Nominate YaBB Today!

Today's the final day to nominate YaBB for a SourceForge 2007 Community Choice Award!

The projects with the most nominations will become finalists, and the final vote will open on July 9th. Look for the Community Choice Awards nomination button at It’s big and orange, you can’t miss it!

Prove to the open source community that YaBB's 7 years still stand strong representing quality forum software to the world. YaBB is one of the oldest, most stable, and most secure bulletin boards ever. Show how proud we are to still stand tall with Perl!... read more

Posted by Corey Chapman 2007-06-29

Test YaBB 2.2 Development Code

The release of YaBB 2.2 is very near. Don't let the small version number change fool you. This is a HUGE release - more optimizations, more security, more spam-fighting tools, many more features, and a lot less bugs. This is the BEST YaBB ever.

Did you know that anyone can download the development code at any time to test it out? We've now moved development code to SourceForge so it's completely public. We HIGHLY appreciate it if you test this code on a TEST forum so you can tell us if we have bugs, security issues, or poorly designed new features. You can post these bugs at Please be sure to state that you are using CVS code.... read more

Posted by Corey Chapman 2007-05-31

YaBB 2.1 Release

The YaBB Team is proud to announce the first update to YaBB 2:

YaBB 2.1

This release is a highly recommended update, as it fixes many bugs, closes security issues, and provides a few feature enhancements. Most notably include: SMTP mailing improvements, converter/admin center rebuild functionality to recreate past member recent post history, date/time improvements and fixes, and a .gif file test upon attachment (for security). If you haven't already updated to YaBB 2 from YaBB 1, we recommend you do so at this stage in development.... read more

Posted by Corey Chapman 2005-11-09

YaBB 2.0 Released!

The revolutionary YaBB 2.0 is here! This is the next stable version of YaBB! No more YaBB 1....

Some of YaBB 2's many great features and changes over YaBB 1 include:
* Less file openings and writes
* Lower CPU usage
* Lower Memory footprint
* Setup/Converter utility
* Debug mode
* File Attachments
* Polls
* Additional Membergroups
* Additional Smilies
* Advanced Personal Messaging
* More Board and Category Options
* In-Thread Multi Delete and Moderation Update
* Advanced Memberview Plus
* Topic Summary Cutter
* Time Lock
* Collapse/expand Categories
* Board-level topic notification
* Improved notification system for topics
* My Favorites
* Sessions for Gmods and Admins
* URL reference dereferrer
* Recycle Bin
* Wysiwyg template editor
* Post color chooser
* More YaBBC options and buttons
* Resize Avatars
* Global announcement board
* Gender and Age access boards
* Global moderators
* Split and splice topics
* User selectable languages
* GMT time system (auto DST)
* Hide Topic
* Greatly improved administrative functions
* The Guardian<sup>TM</sup> (security features)
* Admins/Gmods view people replying to and viewing topics
* Quick search box for members
* Live post preview
* Nicer Post Form
* Advanced/Full templating
* User selectable templates
* Integrated help system
* Member pre-registration
* Support of foreign (multibyte) characters

Posted by Corey Chapman 2005-09-30

YaBB 2.0 Pre-Release

YaBB 2.0 Pre-Release

This is the FINAL beta build of YaBB 2.0. Yes, you heard it right!

What is a Pre-Release? Well, to us it is the version that comes out right before the stable (official) release - a.k.a. the last beta. 4 months from the release of RC 1 we presented RC 2, less than 2 months later we presented RC 3, and now we present the final chapter in just under 3 months. This version marks a stable point in YaBB 2 development since RC 3. The next release WILL be YaBB 2.0!!!... read more

Posted by Corey Chapman 2005-09-13

YaBB 2 - Release Candidate 3

As recently announced...

The last (planned) Release Candidate of YaBB 2.

YaBB 2 Release Candidate 3 is the last planned RC before a 2.0 official release.

This version marks yet another milestone in the development of YaBB 2. Exactly 4 months from the release of RC 1, we presented RC 2. Now, less than 2 months later, we present RC 3. This version marks a stable point in YaBB 2 development since RC 2. We hope that it is much less buggy and more secure than previous betas of YaBB 2. If all goes well, we will provide an official 2.0 release soon after fixing any problems found in this beta.... read more

Posted by Corey Chapman 2005-06-21

YaBB 2 - Release Candidate 2

YaBB 2 - Release Candidate 2

This version marks a huge milestone in the development of YaBB 2. Exactly 4 months from the release of RC 1, we present RC 2. This versions is HIGHLY different from the previous. It includes an exciting new template, a MUCH improved Setup and Converter utility, and fixes to every bug we heard about.

While this product is still a BETA, we recommend you convert your YaBB 1 forum to this version to benefit from all of the great features, VAST performance improvements, and HIGHER security.... read more

Posted by Corey Chapman 2005-05-23

YaBB 2 - Release Candidate 1

YaBB 2 is here!
As you may know, YaBB 1 Gold - Service Pack 2 (SP2) has been in development for a LONG time. You'll be pleased to know that development has reached final stages. WE PRESENT YOU WITH RELEASE CANDIDATE 1!

You may notice a name change...

After much consideration, it was decided that SP2 was much more than "Yet another Service Pack," as it is essentially a total rewrite of the base YaBB 1 code. Therefore we decided that it deserved the name "YaBB 2." ... read more

Posted by Corey Chapman 2005-01-22