YaBB 2.3.1 Released January 4, 2009

One week early from the planned schedule of releases every 3 months, Yet another Bulletin Board (YaBB) 2.3.1 is here! Many bugs have been fixed from version 2.3. In addition, we are excited to announce some new bonus features, including support for MySpace videos, a password strength meter, an option to search within YaBBC tags on the post search page, Net::SMTP::TLS mail support, and a backup recovery feature.

We are also pleased to announce that YaBB is beginning to embrace Ajax; the features now using this technology are Favorites, Notification, Moderator/Member QuickSearch, Admin Delete, and Mark as Read. This will improve the speed of these functions and reduce bandwidth and server resources used.


Posted by Corey Chapman 2009-01-04

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