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YaBB 2.2 - 2 years in the making

Exactly 2 years from the release of YaBB 2.1, the YaBB team presents to you:

YaBB 2.2 - small numbers don't mean small changes

This release is a highly recommended update, as it closes a few high-level security issues. Not only that, but it provides MANY new features. Most notably include: RSS feeds, user center, buddy list, enhanced private messaging, security and spam-fighting enhancements, advanced templating, media center, invisible mode, and much more....

Below is a list of just some of the things changed for this release. The list will be updated over the next few days. There are so many improvements, it's a project just to list them all!

Feature Additions:
Allow members to choose non-administration membergroups in their profile
Private Messages Buddy List
Buddy list integration in view profile and topic displays
Added a:visited CSS style and various other missing or previously hardcoded styles
Carbon and Blind-Carbon Copy address boxes in Private Messages
User Panel - buddy list, private messaging center, profile, etc.
Admin option for who can see the members list
Private Message ignore list
Forward Private Messages
Private Message to Admin button with option as to whom can use it
Private Message storage folders
Alert Moderator button on posts
Private Message away/vacation status options
Login "invisible" mode
Changed template codes to {} rather than <> for template editors
Global Moderators access to edit profiles
New template using tabbed menus and 3-d overlays
Backwards compatibility for old templates
Search field to add members to the list for searching or private messaging
On the fly repair of CTB files
Message Index icon for moved topics
Broadcast private messages
Topic summary on preview post page
Disable media and link viewing to guests option
Automatic maintenance mode on maintenance actions
Time-friendly enhancement to user greeting
Admin option to allow members to have username = display name
Maintenance controls moved to a separate admin page
YaBB Media Center
Integrated RSS feed links and admin options
Sorting in detailed version check
Permalink useful link cloaking
Option to disable "All" showing option on page selectors
Draft Private Messages
Online/offline status in profile and posts

Security Fixes:
Sanitization of inputs to profile and registration pages
Usernames cloaked throughout the forum
Hidden posts not show in user's recent posts listing
New user with same username as ex-member cannot gain previous member's posts and information
Redirection in index.html files
Save previously written emails from admin center separately

Performance Enhancements:
Removed unused text in English language files
Improved performance in loading recent posts
Improved server load if displaying many posts at once
Pagination (versus all on one page) on viewing registration log
Increased text box sizes in various settings pages
Unused subroutines removed
Improved error messages
Debug mode enhancements

Bug Fixes:
Detailed version administration page
Clicklog entry viewing
ICQ improvements
Sending email notifcations to deleted members
Validation code for Forgot Password feature
Layout bugs in Opera browsers
Properly display ASCII codes below 255 for foreign languages
Rebuild Message Index repairs CTB files
Return to proper page of members list after deleting members
Censoring in quotes
Quotes and apostrophes allowed in welcome private message
Custom date format functionality
Split post updates total posts
Jump menu appearnace for guests
No conflicts with lowercase board ID versus same in uppercase
Year handling
Link wrapping changed to clip and added ellipses
MSN pop-up improved and made complaint again
Various layout bugs
Updated help files
Announcement topics not shown in recycle bin any more

Posted by Corey Chapman 2007-11-09

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