Nominate YaBB Today!

Today's the final day to nominate YaBB for a SourceForge 2007 Community Choice Award!

The projects with the most nominations will become finalists, and the final vote will open on July 9th. Look for the Community Choice Awards nomination button at It’s big and orange, you can’t miss it!

Prove to the open source community that YaBB's 7 years still stand strong representing quality forum software to the world. YaBB is one of the oldest, most stable, and most secure bulletin boards ever. Show how proud we are to still stand tall with Perl!

The categories that most apply to YaBB are: Best Project for Communications, Best User Support, Most Collaborative Project, and Best Project for the Enterprise.

If YaBB wins, the project will be highlighted on and will be included in SF's press release. And, as if that weren't enough, YaBB will be recognized during the awards party at OSCON. Oh, and YaBB will get an entire year's supply of bragging rights.

Posted by Corey Chapman 2007-06-29

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