YaBB 2.1 Release

The YaBB Team is proud to announce the first update to YaBB 2:

YaBB 2.1

This release is a highly recommended update, as it fixes many bugs, closes security issues, and provides a few feature enhancements. Most notably include: SMTP mailing improvements, converter/admin center rebuild functionality to recreate past member recent post history, date/time improvements and fixes, and a .gif file test upon attachment (for security). If you haven't already updated to YaBB 2 from YaBB 1, we recommend you do so at this stage in development.

Below is a list of the main things changed for this release:

- Added rebuild member post history log Admin function
- Added rebuild member post history log to Converter
- Added notification.png to menu to differentiate from post display's notify.png in translations
- Added multibyte character support to category names
- Changed profile DST setting to a checkbox
- Made message icon on each post link to the individual replies
- Restricted signature height if there are more than 15 new lines in it
- Added last modified date to .htaccess when written with the Guardian
- Moved MD5 Perl module lower and added HMAC_MD5 module
- Added rel="nofollow" to all viewprofile links to prevent bot spidering
- New SMTP engine to add more options and support more standards, such as EHLO/HELO handshake selection
- Added admin activation of account registration
- Made the saved CSS file from the WYSIWYG editor a little more "YaBB"-like
- Added conversion of members' last login, reply, and PM if a .ll file exists
- Converted Help files to HTML from YaBBC
- Changed password reminder to show new password in a read-only input field so it's easier to copy
- Added hidesticky.gif, hidelock.gif, hidestickylock.gif icons to show more topic status'
- Increased length of email input field
- Changed forum start date to select boxes
- Made Mail Members only overwrite "re-used" mails, not all subject-matching mails
- Changed select box for moving topics sort properly and use option groups for better readability

Bug Fixes:
- Disabled board picture field if the board is an announcement or recycle bin board
- Removed mark unread button for guests
- Fixed reply and quote buttons in members' most recent posts
- Allowed admin to change the first page of their profile
- Allow guests to search hidden topics if "show to all" is checked
- Fixed linebreak bug when quoting older posts
- Placed proper error message when adding polls
- Fixed bug with CSS and template preview in FireFox
- Registration date/time and timezone settings fixed
- Fixed many time-to-string date issues
- Updates/Fixes to instructions in Quick Guide
- Fix to prevent nesting conflicts with "Glow" and "Shadow" bold tags
- Made converter change all [size=xx] tags in signature to size in pixels to prevent very small text
- Fixed additional membergroups conflict with position when saving profile
- Fixed multibyte characters in PM notification
- Fixed bug causing repeated "topic" text in notification mails
- Fixed bug when moving a topic while someone is replying to it
- Changed double quote marks to " in category names to prevent broken input fields
- Fixed problem with " in category descriptions
- Made deleting posts remove entries from members' history logs
- Re-added ability to auto-link URLs with national characters
- Fixed bug with additional member groups when rebuilding the memberlist
- Fixed problems with links with http:// prefix and auto-link at the start of tables
- Fixed Subs.pl to allow it to pass Perl -C
- Fixed XHTML errors throughout source code
- Added check for existence of message file when converting message index to prevent blank screen
- Fixed delete link so it disappears in pre-registered entries after time expiration
- Fixed character set bug when changing language on the register page
- Fixed HTML characters displaying in polls
- Fixed extra space added to username link in quotes
- Fixed an unclear activation message
- Fixed a pixel in grin.gif
- Made [table] tag validate XHTML
- Made image tag check if an image already has a title attribute before adding another
- Fixed invalid ID in forgotten passwords reminder
- Fixed Admin Cneter "remove server not available" when yabbforum.com is not available
- Removed unused menu_im.png
- Fixed wrong text used in forum statistics
- Made hidden sticky topics appear in the Important Topics area
- Removed useless "moderator" option in board/category permission section
- Fixed issue with _ in profile names on edit profile page
- Fixed reversed View Members by registration date
- Made sure member post history is deleted when member is deleted
- Added missing "navbarcontainer" CSS style
- Fixed showing guest email address instead of name when a reply is deleted
- Fixed JS bug if random passwordemail is enabled or hide email is disabled
- Fixed admin edit bug with input of spaces or non-digits
- Fixed bug in "moveto" that created a bad browser title
- Fixed a problem in forum.contro when boards are moved to another category
- Made converter cut signatures off at the length of the longest signature found
- Fixed bug in autolink modifying the flash location when flash-parsing is disabled
- Made deleting a post not create a "ghost" member in memberinfo.txt
- Made editing board notfiications not create a "ghost" notification

Security Enhancements:
- Fixed bug enabling members/guests to load an empty PM screen from an outside link
- Fixed the Guardian re-adding existing text in .htaccess when it modifies its contents
- Made sure Gmods cannot edit Administrator or Gmod profiles
- Added .gif header test to all images attached to posts for malformed or incorrect content

Posted by Corey Chapman 2005-11-09

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