YaBB 2.0 Pre-Release

YaBB 2.0 Pre-Release

This is the FINAL beta build of YaBB 2.0. Yes, you heard it right!

What is a Pre-Release? Well, to us it is the version that comes out right before the stable (official) release - a.k.a. the last beta. 4 months from the release of RC 1 we presented RC 2, less than 2 months later we presented RC 3, and now we present the final chapter in just under 3 months. This version marks a stable point in YaBB 2 development since RC 3. The next release WILL be YaBB 2.0!!!

Note - if you are using a previous version of YaBB 2 Beta (this excludes any version of YaBB 1), please make sure you change the Perl path in FixFile.pl, set execute permissions on it, and execute it in the same folder as YaBB.pl AFTER uploading all necessary files but BEFORE testing your upgraded forum.

Some of YaBB 2's many great features and changes over YaBB 1 include:

* Less file openings and writes
* Lower CPU usage
* Lower Memory footprint
* Setup/Converter utility

* File Attachments
* Polls
* Additional Membergroups
* Additional Smilies
* Advanced Personal Message Box
* More Board and Category Options
* In-Thread Multi Delete and Moderation Update
* Advanced Memberview Plus
* Topic Summary Cutter
* Time Lock
* Collapse/expand Categories
* Board-level topic notification
* Improved notification system for topics
* My Favorites
* Security Center
* Sessions for Gmods and Admins
* Nicer Post Form
* Recycle Bin
* Wysiwyg template editor
* Post color chooser
* More YaBBC options and buttons
* Resize Avatars
* Global announcement board
* Gender and Age access boards
* Advanced/Full templating
* User selectable templates
* User selectable languages
* GMT time system (auto DST)
* Hide Topic
* Greatly improved administrative functions
* The GuardianTM (security features)
* Live post preview
* Integrated help system
* Global moderators
* Split and splice topics
* URL reference dereferrer
* Member pre-registration
* Support of foreign (multibyte) characters

Keep your eyes peeled for YaBB 2.0 - coming soon to a website near you....

Posted by Corey Chapman 2013-06-03

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