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YaBB 2 - Release Candidate 3

As recently announced...

The last (planned) Release Candidate of YaBB 2.

YaBB 2 Release Candidate 3 is the last planned RC before a 2.0 official release.

This version marks yet another milestone in the development of YaBB 2. Exactly 4 months from the release of RC 1, we presented RC 2. Now, less than 2 months later, we present RC 3. This version marks a stable point in YaBB 2 development since RC 2. We hope that it is much less buggy and more secure than previous betas of YaBB 2. If all goes well, we will provide an official 2.0 release soon after fixing any problems found in this beta.

While this product is still a BETA, we recommend you convert your YaBB 1 forum to this version to benefit from all of the great features, vast performance improvements, and improved security.

Some of YaBB 2's many great features include:
* File Attachments
* Polls
* Add More Membergroups
* Add More Smilies
* Advanced Instant Message Box
* More Board and Category Options
* In-Thread Multi Delete and Moderation Update
* Advanced Memberview Plus
* Topic Summary Cutter
* Time Lock
* Collapse/expand Categories
* Notify Once
* My Favorites
* Security Center
* Sessions
* Nicer Post Form
* Recycle Bin
* Wysiwyg template editor
* Resize Avatars
* Global announcement board
* Gender and Age access boards
* Full templating
* User selectable template/language
* GMT time system (auto DST)
* Hide Thread
* Setup/Converter utility
* Greatly improved administrative functions
* The GuardianTM (security features)
* Greatly improved performance (reduced CPU and memory usage)

Areas to test heavily:
* Notification System (Board Level, and Post Level)
* Board access permissions (gender, member group, age, etc.)
* Setup and Conversion Script (
* Private Messaging System (all features)
* Typographical Errors
* Layout Issues
* Remaining hard-coded language strings
* Templating system

Posted by Corey Chapman 2005-06-21

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