YaBB 2 - Release Candidate 2

YaBB 2 - Release Candidate 2

This version marks a huge milestone in the development of YaBB 2. Exactly 4 months from the release of RC 1, we present RC 2. This versions is HIGHLY different from the previous. It includes an exciting new template, a MUCH improved Setup and Converter utility, and fixes to every bug we heard about.

While this product is still a BETA, we recommend you convert your YaBB 1 forum to this version to benefit from all of the great features, VAST performance improvements, and HIGHER security.

Some of YaBB 2's many great features include:

* File Attachments
* Polls
* Add More Membergroups
* Add More Smilies
* Advanced Instant Message Box
* More Board and Category Options
* In-Thread Multi Delete and Moderation Update
* Advanced Memberview Plus
* Topic Summary Cutter
* Time Lock
* Collapse/expand Categories
* Notify Once
* My Favorites
* Security Center
* Sessions
* Nicer Post Form
* Recycle Bin
* Wysiwyg template editor
* Resize Avatars
* Global announcement board
* Gender and Age access boards
* Full templating
* User selectable template/language
* GMT time system (auto DST)
* Hide Thread
* Setup/Converter utility
* Greatly improved administrative functions
* The GuardianTM (security features)
* Greatly improved performance (reduced CPU and memory usage)

Areas to test heavily:

* Notification System (Board Level, and Post Level)
* Board access permissions (gender, member group, age, etc.)
* Setup and Conversion Script (Setup.pl)
* Private Messaging System (all features)
* Typographical Errors
* Layout Issues
* Remaining hard-coded language strings
* Templating system

Posted by Corey Chapman 2013-06-03

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