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YaBB 2 - Release Candidate 1

YaBB 2 is here!
As you may know, YaBB 1 Gold - Service Pack 2 (SP2) has been in development for a LONG time. You'll be pleased to know that development has reached final stages. WE PRESENT YOU WITH RELEASE CANDIDATE 1!

You may notice a name change...

After much consideration, it was decided that SP2 was much more than "Yet another Service Pack," as it is essentially a total rewrite of the base YaBB 1 code. Therefore we decided that it deserved the name "YaBB 2."

The project formerly known as YaBB 2 is now known as YaBB 3, and it is still being actively developed. This is a ground-up rewrite of YaBB written in object-oriented Perl. However, it is far from beta stages.

AS THIS IS A RELEASE CANDIDATE, FEATURE REQUESTS ARE NO LONGER BEING TAKEN. We have spent a long time implementing all the best features from existing mods, and many new ones too. However, it is now time to wrap development up and release YaBB 2. You deserve it.

We hope the number of bugs in this release is relatively small, but it is still NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PRODUCTION USE, and is NOT fully supported. Please only install this release if you feel you are competent enough to do so on your own, and you are willing to post bugs and help make YaBB 2 the best release of YaBB ever!

If you wish to begin writing mods for YaBB 2, keep in mind that the code will change again before a final release is out. This means your mod will no longer work for the general public.

What's New:
* File Attachments
* Polls
* Add More Membergroups
* Add More Smilies
* Advanced Instant Message Box
* More Board and Category Options
* In-Thread Multi Delete and Moderation Update
* Advanced Memberview Plus
* Topic Summary Cutter
* Time Lock
* Collapse/expand Categories
* Notify Once
* My Favorites
* Security Center
* Sessions
* Nicer Post Form
* Recycle Bin
* Wysiwyg template editor (Nicer Color Setup)
* Resize Avatars
* Global announcement board
* Gender and Age access boards
* Full templating
* User selectable template/language
* GMT time system (auto DST)
* Hide Thread

Known Issues:
* Help Files are not complete
* Quick Installation Guide is not complete
* Converter has trouble with large forums

Areas to test heavily:
* Notification System (Board Level, and Post Level)
* Board access permissions (gender, member group, age, etc.)
* Setup and Conversion Script (
* Private Messaging System (all features)
* Typographical Errors
* Layout Issues
* Remaining hard-coded language strings

* Download YaBB 2 RC 1 -
* Download fully supported latest release -

Posted by Corey Chapman 2005-01-22

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