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Fixed the svn repository

I've fixed the problem with the svn repository.
You can now update to r51.

Posted by h.hornbacher 2010-04-23

Important: Do not update your svn to rev50!

I've messed around with the svn repository, will fix this tommorow, i'm too tired now.

Posted by h.hornbacher 2010-04-23

Finally paging works...

The virtual memory management works, now there is to fix the bug in exception handling.
Visit the blog for details: https://sourceforge.net/apps/phpwebsite/ya-mos/blog/id/2

Posted by h.hornbacher 2010-04-16

Change of site infrastructure

Sorry for the cofusion that my changes may have caused.
I've changed the infrastructure of the site a little bit:
Project page: http://ya-mos.sourceforge.net/
Forum: https://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/ya-mos/

Posted by h.hornbacher 2010-04-16

Automated Documentation

From now on the sources of the kernel will be documented by Doxygen.
I've already started to rewrite the comments, that doxygen recognizes them.

There will be a pdf-version in the download area.
The online html documentation can be found on the project page.

Posted by h.hornbacher 2010-04-12

Rev. 21: Physical memory management works

Now the Physical Memory Manager(PMM) is implimented and tested.
The Kernel calculates it's size by it's own start and end address.
Then it calculates the size of total memory from the multiboot header information.
At the next step the PMM is initialized with that values.
And then the Kernel scans for the memory regions and de-/initializes them in the PMM.

Posted by h.hornbacher 2010-04-11

Comments where translated into english

I've translated the comments in the sources, bacause i've a new international programmer in my team. (German comments are there also)

BTW: If you like to join my team, feel free to contact me!

Posted by h.hornbacher 2010-04-07

First overview

The kernel for now is in alpha state an.

The features for now are:
- Setting up the GDT and IDT
- Text mode output driver
- Very simple (and dirty) physical memory management
- The base object oriented structure is implemented.

Code statistics:
Number of files: 42
Lines of pure code: 1200
Comment lines: 1283

Posted by h.hornbacher 2010-04-07

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