mfisher - 2008-12-09

Hello All!  I have the following setup for hobbit / xymon.:

Linux Fedora 9 and Hobbitserver 4.2.2-RC1

I was able to successfully install hobbit and it shows up in a browser with
the configured hosts. the problem i am having is with viewing CURRENT
status. Whenever i click the icon for status, i get a blank white page with
"Status not Available". HISTORY functions however work.

I suspected it be a permission problem so I set all files to global 777 and
even tried chown all of em to apache. Obviously this is in a test env but
even with the completely wide open perm, still same issue.

The returns status not available but nothing is written to
the hobbit or apache log files that would give an idea as to why this is

Does anybody have any ideas?