Xymon not displaying fields for cpu, disk, ne

Don K
  • Don K

    Don K - 2012-02-23

    Hi. We are setting up our server for xymon on RHEL.  The web page comes up, but the CPU, Disk, Net, or other values are not showing for our hosts.  Have tried to read and look for man pages or solutions.  Recreated hosts.cfg, checked tasks.cfg, analysis.cfg, other files but can't figure out where the columns for these values went.
    Can anyone advise where the settings for what shows for a host come from to show cpu, disk, files, memory, procs,etc.?
    The only values we see for our servers are conn, info, http, and trends.

  • Christian Becker


    you have to install the xymon on each host you want to have included in the monitoring. Do that by:
    a) downloading and unpacking the xymon package to the client
    b) invoking the command "./configure.client" out of the xymon installation directory
    c) follow the instructions on the screen

    As soon as you have completed the steps from above you may need to add an entry to your hosts.cfg on the xymon server and wait for the new host to show on your xymon web page.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards


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