Anonymous - 2009-11-10

The majority of my systems are hard coded IPs so my default setting is -dns=ip in hobbitlaunch.cfg for bbtest-net to cut down on actual DNS traffic.  There is still the occasion to need to use when testing connectivity and other settings via CNAMED hosts.

Requires a simple code change of bbtest-net.c

Line 788 (or there abouts, depending on what version you are using) is this line.

                        if (!h->testip && (dnsmethod != IP_ONLY)) add_host_to_dns_queue(h->hostname);

change it to this

                        if ((!h->testip && (dnsmethod != IP_ONLY)) || (strcmp(h->ip, "") == 0)) add_host_to_dns_queue(h->hostname);

and you will still be able to do -dns=ip and still do DNS searches on those systems that require a DNS lookup.