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RPMs Updated

RPMs are now relocatable, this should fix any RPM installation problems with different distributions, and XMMS RPM installations. An example of this in use would be:

XMMS installation in /usr/local/bin:

rpm -i --relocate /usr=/usr/local \ xymms-0.9.1-2.i486.rpm

If you installed XMMS from sources, you could even use:

rpm -i --relocate /usr=/usr/local --nodeps \ xymms-0.9.1-2.i486.rpm

The default installation directory for the plugin is...... read more

Posted by Phillip K. Hornung 2000-07-31

XymMS 0.9.1 Released

Please submit bug reports, etc. to the Forum! Hopefully the new RPM will work better for different x86 processor types, it's also much smaller (forgot about debugging symbols on that last one. :) View the ChangeLog to see what has been changed.

Posted by Phillip K. Hornung 2000-07-30

XymMS 0.9.0 Released

I have released an alpha 0.9.0 release today. Let me know what you think, because it needs some work before 1.0. :)

Posted by Phillip K. Hornung 2000-07-29