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XX Version 1.11 now available

XX Version 1.11 is now available for download.
This version includes
1- Disk based caching
2- Eliminate xmlpath variable requirement in web.xml

Posted by David Moskowitz 2006-10-09

XX 1.1 is released

The latest version of the XX framework has been posted.

Additional documentation will be uploaded over the next few weeks.

Posted by David Moskowitz 2006-08-27

Castor.org down

The castor.org web site appears to be down. This site contains the location of the castor mapping dtd. If your application is linking directly to that location, it will most likely fail.

As a workaround, remove the document type declaration from the top of the castor mapping xml document.

This might spur a move away from castor as the xml marshalling framework for XX. There is also a problem using Castor with hibernate 3, which is stopping XX from supporting hibernate 3. A fix for that will be coming soon.... read more

Posted by David Moskowitz 2006-05-20

Latest XX builds

New builds of the XX framework, specifically xx.jar and occasionally includes.xsl (xsl function library) are available on http://xxframework.org/downloads.shtml.
Major and minor releases will be posted to sourceforge less freqently.

The availability of any new builds will be announced on the Mailing list (http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/xxframework-announce).


Posted by David Moskowitz 2006-04-15

Welcome to XX Framework

This site is under construction.
You can visit the project home page at http://www.xxframework.org.


Posted by David Moskowitz 2006-02-14