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Cool: Saxon driving a GUI, interactive XSLT

This is cool:

Imagine you define a XUL style GUI using XML. You write a transform and run it with Saxon 8.1.1. This causes the GUI to appear on your screen.

GUI events are turned into elements that are rocessed by normal XSLT templates. These templates can use an HTTP/POST extension element to interact with a web service, and the response XML documents may be transformed into new GUI elements or modify existing ones. ... read more

Posted by Gunther Schadow 2004-11-19

Updates for Saxon 8.1.1

Just in case anyone is looking: I don't make releases but I constantly update this code to keep track of the Saxon releases. Just finished updates for Saxon 8.1.1. I am working on Michael Kay to add my extensions into the primary Saxon code base. I also describe my extensions on the patch area of the Saxon project.

I am using this stuff for ongoing projects. XSLT as a full-fledged programming/scripting language, doing tons of database jobs, etc. and doing remote operations with this truly lightwight web-services framework.... read more

Posted by Gunther Schadow 2004-11-12

fixed the exception.xsl style, in CVS

Hi, I just fixed the exception.xsl style and checked into CVS. Did that warrant a new release? Probably not. But do make sure to grab the CVS, it's so much easier than constantly loading releases.

Posted by Gunther Schadow 2002-12-11


Hi, it seems people came here and went home disappointed because I didn't have a release to download. Please be reminded that you can grab source via CVS at any time. Anyway, here is a release that has binaries prebuilt ready to go for your test to see if you like it.

Thanks for your interest,


Posted by Gunther Schadow 2002-12-09