I tested your great programm and I have to admit that i am really astonished. This is really great and I will recomend it to anyone. Keep up this good work.

But one thing is really annoying. Windows opened with "window mode: multiple" can not be closed by the X button nor by menu->quit nor ALT+F4. Tested with Windows XP Home SP2 and Windows XP Professional SP2. So there is no way to close a window with only standard closing mechanisms.

Reference programmes used: xterm, winterm, nedit, kate, konsole, GaussView, molden ...

If one presses the X close button there is no quit message send to the receiving window. Normally some programms provide a message box asking to save work before quitting when receiving a quit message, but in this case nothing happens.

In the other Window Modes there is no way of closing these windows, too, because they are opened without a border, frame or closing possibility.

I'd be glad, if you could fix this.