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XVoice 0.9.6 released

Many minor things added/fixed, plus a number of larger changes:
- the xvoice.xml file (though still supported and read) has been split into "module" files, which makes it much more extensible and personally customizable.
- much improved grammar file syntax with some powerful new attribute tags to the <vocab> and <application> tags. See the COMMAND file for details.
- improved support for RH8+ systems when Carlo Wood's vvinstall script was used to install viavoice.

Posted by Wes Hardaker 2004-04-05

XVoice 0.9.5 release

XVoice provides voice control of X applications using IBM's ViaVoice for Linux (free download at their web site). Both user-defined commands and dictation are supported. It can be used to write letters, write code, control netscape, etc.

xvoice version 0.9.5 has been released. RPM's and tarball are available in the file release section. This release should work for KDE users. It also has a somewhat more robust build, and some new dictation features.

Posted by Brian Craft 2002-01-14

esound support added

Esound support has been checked in to CVS. Gnome users that like using esound may want to give it a try, and let us know what breaks.

Posted by Brian Craft 2002-01-11

Adding vocabulary tracker

We are experimenting with using a tracker to handle user contributed vocabularies. If you have a vocabulary you'd like to share, try submitting it by hitting the Vocabularies link under Trackers.

Posted by Brian Craft 2001-12-18

0.9.4 released, introducing wmvoice

xvoice now includes a Window Maker dock applet,
wmvoice, which provides a voice control gui with minimal desktop real estate.

Posted by Brian Craft 2000-04-26

ftp site for contributed xml files

The anonymous ftp site is now holding contributed XVoice configuration files. Currently we only have one, for pine. If you have vocabs for other applications, mail them to the developers.

Posted by Brian Craft 2000-04-16

0.9.3 released

Latest release should fix problems with Sawmill, international
character sets, special keys (e.g. F1-12, caps lock, etc.), and mouse grid problems.

Posted by Brian Craft 2000-04-16