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It could be fine if it will be possible to support
fullscreen capture recording, file selector on the gtk2
gui and support for the Gnome notification area.


  • Karl H. Beckers

    Karl H. Beckers - 2004-12-29

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    (update: accepted)
    - of course you can do full screen capture (provided your hw
    permits it
    ... performance-wise)
    You just need to minimize xvidcap, or use the command
    line version.
    Of course, you need to return to xvidcap to stop
    recording. To avoid
    that, you'd either need global keybindings (which is
    kinda hard) or
    perhaps the notification area will help here, or an
    alternative might be
    creating some helper-apps which can be started from
    global shortcuts in
    e.g. metacity and which do nothing else but stop or pause
    or restart a
    capture ....
    All this is feasible, but needs some more thinking
    (feedback welcome)
    and will probably not be in 1.1.4.

    - file selectors will be in the preferences dialog in 1.1.4
    - I'm also pondering providing some smart shorttcuts from
    the main UI.
    But this will also not likely happen in 1.1.4 a lot,
    because I'm planning
    on dropping the Xt version in 1.1.5 and aligning gvidcap
    more with GNOME
    standards ... this is prolly where more of the usability
    stuff will come in.


  • Karl H. Beckers

    Karl H. Beckers - 2004-12-29
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