xvidcap remote control prototype in svn

  • Karl H. Beckers

    Karl H. Beckers - 2007-10-24

    Hi all,
    just committed code to svn that will build (provided dbus and dbus-glib and the corresponding dev packages are present) a program xvidcap-dbus-client which allows you to remote control xvidcap.
    You can run "xvidcap-dbus-client --action start" to start a capture session. Other actions are "stop" or "pause" (toggles paused on/off). Those commands can also be bound to specific keys as your window manager permits. If xvidcap is not started, when you run xvidcap-dbus-client, it will be started automatically.

    Code cleanup and documentation is still pending, but feedback is welcome.


    • Karl H. Beckers

      Karl H. Beckers - 2007-10-25

      btw. if you try dbus activation of xvidcap, i. e. autostarting an unstarted instance through "xvidcap-dbus-client --action start" make sure you have saved a target filename for your capture to your preferences including absolute path. If you don't (i. e. use smth. like "test.avi"), xvidcap will try to write /test.avi because dbus starts xvidcap with pwd = /. And xvidcap doesn't handle that gracefully atm.


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