Karl H. Beckers - 2004-02-07

last release candidate for 1.1.3 checkin into CVS
Changes since rc2:
        - fixed bug which made usage not display --compress
        - fixed bug where --time 0 would set --frames to  zero, too
          and vice versa
        - made sure autocontinue does NOT work with individual frames
        - fixed some more pause/record stuff
        - removed several debug statements or output for verbose output

        - added frame drop monitor widget
        - fixed incomplete make uninstall

        - changed menu from file menu to popup menu on right click
          on filename button (saves space)
        - put filename button into toolbar (looks better)
        - added autocontinue pref in GTK GUI

release planned for around 16th.
(2 RFEs already planned to implement in release = tooltip
for frame drop monitor and autocontinue toggle in preferences)