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  • Karl H. Beckers

    Karl H. Beckers - 2006-01-02

    Hi all,
    after losing all my changes to the preferences dialog after 1.1.4pre2 (which was what I was working on when I could find the time during the last year or so) I thought I'd do some of the really necessary updates before returning there.

    CVS now has:
    - recent ffmpeg
       - this fixes problems when compiling with gcc 4.x
       - this should enable output to stdout (for the time being, try: --file "-" --format divx ... i.e. be sure to manually set an output format)
    - fix to configure so CC variable will be passed to ffmpeg's compile
    - fix to format/codec autodetection. Now other formats besides avi should work.


    • David Liontooth

      David Liontooth - 2006-03-03

      Thanks! Great to see you still have time occasionally to keep the code up to date.


      • Karl H. Beckers

        Karl H. Beckers - 2006-03-03

        Too rarely, but in order to make the most of the time I have available, I'm going to go through a major code cleanup along with which I want to:

        - make xvidcap a genuine gnome application including localization etc.
        - abandon the Xt UI
        - use ffmpeg for single-frame capture, too and thus get rid of all other
            file output handlers
        - use libglade to make UI changes easier (and prepare for more gnome
            integration (like perhaps going for the notification area)
        - move over to (and anjuta)

        The code just need to get way more maintainable...

        quite a while ago somebody sent me a few fake UI screenshots with suggestions for the new preferences dialog. I had already implemented most of that before losing 10 mnths worth of work ... along with the screenshots and the email of the original sender.
        So, in case the original sender reads this, send them again ;S



    • Gaurav

      Gaurav - 2006-05-20

      Thats a great news Karl, I have been waiting for you to port it up to be compilable for gC4 for a long long time :P. But with the code cleanup and new UI thingy it will really be brilliant.

      We were bit unfortunate with the loss of your work none the less hope to see it becoming one nice application to use well... again ;)



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