Debian repository for x86 amd64

  • David Liontooth

    David Liontooth - 2004-12-30

    In addition to Karl's own Debian packages for x86 at, you can find debian packages of xvidcap and gvidcap for the x86 and amd64 platforms at, maintained by Christian Marillat (page down to see the lines you need for your sources.list file).

    gvidcap on amd64 works really well.


    • Karl H. Beckers

      Karl H. Beckers - 2005-01-04

      By that way,
      please note that the Debian packages provided on this site are now testing (sarge) packages, since I no longer have a woody system. However, the sources now have proper debian build support. All you need do to build on any Debian system (provided all the required packages are present) is:
      - unpack
      - cd <source-directory>
      - debian/rules binary

      this will create two debian packages, one name xvidcap.... the other gvidcap.... . Install one of those.

      building just xvidcap is not supported through that method at the moment. To get a Debian package for xvidcap only on a system which does not have libgtk, configure and build manually and use checkinstall to build a debian package.



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