i use UBUNTU 8.10 desktop AMD64 on a ASROCK 780 FUllHD with build in ATI Radeon 3200 HD grafic card and the lastest ATI driver for that.

I tryed xvidcap 1.1.2 or something (the one that comes with ubuntu 8.10) but i crashed.
So i donloaded the xvidcap-1.1.7.tar.gz   Platform-Independent and wanted to compile and install it.

Since i am wuite new to Linux and Ubuntu i read a few formus and the Errors discussed here.
What i did is:

a) downloaded the tar.gz
b) sudo tar xfvz xvidcap-1.1.7.tar.gz
c) cd xvidcap-1.1.7/
d) sudo checkinstall ./install.sh
e) created the DOC packages and wanted to go on

But he prints out: /var/tmp/tmp.Tmeev32230/installscript.sh: 4: /media/bu/Downloads/xvidcap-1.1.7/install.sh: not found

So someone mentioned to start the thing not from the downloded home directory but from / so i did it , too but the same result.

Now when i look at the  ..../xvidcap-1.1.7/ directory i can see two similar files

install  and install-sh but not install.sh

What should i do noe to make the wonderful peace of software to work on my super PC ????? ;)

PS: To the coders of this software: GREAT JOB GUYS thanks a lot and i hope i can make it run on my box to come back and donate!