build problem on etch

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    First of all sorry for mi poor english, I dont practice english since jurassic...

    Well, let's go:
    An up to date debian etch installation in mi laptop refuses to compile gvidcap, it complains about several definition problemas in libavcodec and libavformat but I can't understand why since it's using embedded ffmpeg and it's supossed to be OK.

    - Configure with forced embedded ffmpeg and gtk2 finishes OK.

    - make gvidcap says a lot of these:

    ../ffmpeg/avcodec.h:1744: error: syntax error before 'mp3lame_encoder'
    ../ffmpeg/avcodec.h:1744: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
    ../ffmpeg/avcodec.h:1924: error: syntax error before 'AVPicture'
    ../ffmpeg/avcodec.h:1937: error: syntax error before '*' token
    ../ffmpeg/avcodec.h:2007: error: 'avcodec_thread_execute' declared as function returning a function
    ../ffmpeg/avcodec.h:2008: error: syntax error before '*' token
    ../ffmpeg/avcodec.h:2008: error: syntax error before '*' token
    ../ffmpeg/avcodec.h:2008: error: 'avcodec_default_execute' declared as function returning a function

    In file included from ../ffmpeg/avformat.h:18,
                     from codecs.h:13,
                     from main.c:45:
    ../ffmpeg/avio.h:72: error: syntax error before 'uint8_t'
    ---../ffmpeg/avformat.h:48: error: 'pkt' undeclared (first use in this function)
    ../ffmpeg/avformat.h:48: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
    and soooooo long.

    I was wondering why the hell did I installed sarge instead of etch ...  It never failed compiling gvidcap.

    Thanks in advance

    • Karl H. Beckers

      Karl H. Beckers - 2006-02-10

      could it be you're building 1.1.4pre2 and are missing libmp3lame/libmp3lame-dev?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This libs are installed, but I get no way to compile the 114pre2.
      The only way to get (partial) success is taking the cvs and trying:
      ./configure --with-gtk2 --with-forced-embedded-ffmpeg --enable-static-libs=libpng
      If I disable static libpng, the make process complains about undefined references to png_save_uint_16 / png_save_uint_32.

      I say partial success cause when I try to record mjpeg movies with gvidcap compiled as above, I get:

      [mjpeg @ 0x837d1a8]colorspace not supported in jpeg
      xtoffmpeg: could not open video codec

      Maybe im doing smthg wrong or I miss some dependances (?).

      Other formats like avi-DIVX2 work OK, but can't achieve a good performance for a smooth fullscreen capturing. I wonder if it would be better to capture in single frame (xwd or jpg) and processing later to some video format with a specific tool, but I dont know how. I still need some reading about.

      Any guidance is welcome.

      Many thanks Karl.


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