Converting to Flash?

  • Han

    Han - 2007-07-24


    Now that I have a video of my Linux desktop, how do I convert this video to Flash (ie YouTube style) so that I can post it to my blog? 

    My intention is to allow as many people with different browsers and OS to view my stuff.


    • Karl H. Beckers

      Karl H. Beckers - 2007-07-24

      You shouldn't need to convert at all. You can just capture to shockwave flash and select flv as codec and mp3 as audio codec. Dunno if they are youtube compliant, but adobe flash player can play them (though mplayer cannot).
      If you already have your video and want to convert it, you can use ffmpeg.

      • Han

        Han - 2007-07-25

        Thanks Karl!  It works!  Can't believe this simple yet effective solution is right there staring at me all this time. :-)


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