Cannot record mepg video

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Dear sir,

    After working for a while, I can install xvidcap into SUSE Linux 9.3. The problem now I have is, I cannot setup the program to record mpeg video, only one setting - X11 Window Dump (xwd) is available in File Format setting. Please give me some hints, I am new to Linux. Thanks a lot!

    J. C

    • Karl H. Beckers

      Karl H. Beckers - 2008-12-02

      Chances are you've built from source and for some reason building the required ffmpeg libraries has failed.
      When you extract the source tarball and run "./configure" you will notice a lot of output. At some point it'll say "make-ing prerequisite ffmpeg libraries". Send the output from there to where the next tests start again (testing for ....).

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for your prompt reply. I found the following error in "./configure":

      uded from libavdevice/v4l2.c:38:
      /usr/include/linux/videodev2.h:436: error: syntax error before '*' token
      /usr/include/linux/videodev2.h:438: error: syntax error before '*' token
      /usr/include/linux/videodev2.h:439: error: syntax error before '}' token
      /usr/include/linux/videodev2.h:810: error: field `win' has incomplete type
      make: *** [libavdevice/v4l2.o] Error 1

      I am still working on why this happens.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have the same problem here. How can I go back and recompile the whole thing?

      make-ing prerequisite ffmpeg libraries
      install prefix            /usr/local
      source path               /home/filipe/xvidcap/ffmpeg
      C compiler                gcc
      .align is power-of-two    no
      ARCH                      x86_32 (generic)
      big-endian                no
      MMX enabled               yes
      CMOV enabled              no
      CMOV is fast              no
      EBX available             yes
      EBP available             yes
      gprof enabled             no
      debug symbols             yes
      strip symbols             yes
      optimizations             yes
      static                    yes
      shared                    no
      postprocessing support    no
      software scaler enabled   yes
      new filter support        no
      filters using lavformat   no
      video hooking             yes
      Imlib2 support            no
      FreeType support          yes
      network support           yes
      IPv6 support              yes
      threading support         pthreads
      SDL support               no
      Sun medialib support      no
      AVISynth enabled          no
      liba52 support            no
      liba52 dlopened           no
      libamr-nb support         no
      libamr-wb support         no
      libdc1394 support         no
      libfaac enabled           no
      libfaad enabled           no
      libfaad dlopened          no
      libgsm enabled            no
      libmp3lame enabled        yes
      libnut enabled            no
      libtheora enabled         no
      libvorbis enabled         no
      x264 enabled              no
      XviD enabled              no
      zlib enabled              yes

      Enabled decoders:
      aasc                    fourxm                  qdm2
      ac3                     fraps                   qdraw
      adpcm_4xm               gif                     qpeg
      adpcm_adx               h261                    qtrle
      adpcm_ct                h263                    ra_144
      adpcm_ea                h263i                   ra_288
      adpcm_ea_maxis_xa       h264                    rawvideo
      adpcm_ea_r1             huffyuv                 rl2
      adpcm_ea_r2             idcin                   roq
      adpcm_ea_r3             imc                     roq_dpcm
      adpcm_ea_xas            indeo2                  rpza
      adpcm_g726              indeo3                  rv10
      adpcm_ima_amv           interplay_dpcm          rv20
      adpcm_ima_dk3           interplay_video         sgi
      adpcm_ima_dk4           jpegls                  shorten
      adpcm_ima_ea_eacs       kmvc                    smackaud
      adpcm_ima_ea_sead       loco                    smacker
      adpcm_ima_qt            mace3                   smc
      adpcm_ima_smjpeg        mace6                   snow
      adpcm_ima_wav           mdec                    sol_dpcm
      adpcm_ima_ws            mimic                   sonic
      adpcm_ms                mjpeg                   sp5x
      adpcm_sbpro_2           mjpegb                  sunrast
      adpcm_sbpro_3           mmvideo                 svq1
      adpcm_sbpro_4           mp2                     svq3
      adpcm_swf               mp3                     targa
      adpcm_thp               mp3adu                  theora
      adpcm_xa                mp3on4                  thp
      adpcm_yamaha            mpc7                    tiertexseqvideo
      alac                    mpc8                    tiff
      amv                     mpeg1video              truemotion1
      ape                     mpeg2video              truemotion2
      asv1                    mpeg4                   truespeech
      asv2                    mpegvideo               tscc
      atrac3                  msmpeg4v1               tta
      avs                     msmpeg4v2               txd
      bethsoftvid             msmpeg4v3               ulti
      bfi                     msrle                   vb
      bmp                     msvideo1                vc1
      c93                     mszh                    vcr1
      cavs                    nellymoser              vmdaudio
      cinepak                 nuv                     vmdvideo
      cljr                    pcm_alaw                vmnc
      cook                    pcm_mulaw               vorbis
      cscd                    pcm_s16be               vp3
      cyuv                    pcm_s16le               vp5
      dca                     pcm_s16le_planar        vp6
      dnxhd                   pcm_s24be               vp6a
      dsicinaudio             pcm_s24daud             vp6f
      dsicinvideo             pcm_s24le               vqa
      dvbsub                  pcm_s32be               wavpack
      dvdsub                  pcm_s32le               wmav1
      dvvideo                 pcm_s8                  wmav2
      dxa                     pcm_u16be               wmv1
      eightbps                pcm_u16le               wmv2
      eightsvx_exp            pcm_u24be               wmv3
      eightsvx_fib            pcm_u24le               wnv1
      escape124               pcm_u32be               ws_snd1
      ffv1                    pcm_u32le               xan_dpcm
      ffvhuff                 pcm_u8                  xan_wc3
      flac                    pcm_zork                xl
      flashsv                 pcx                     xsub
      flic                    png                     zlib
      flv                     ptx                     zmbv

      Enabled encoders:
      ac3                     ljpeg                   pcm_u8
      adpcm_adx               mjpeg                   pcm_zork
      adpcm_g726              mp2                     pgm
      adpcm_ima_qt            mpeg1video              pgmyuv
      adpcm_ima_wav           mpeg2video              png
      adpcm_ms                mpeg4                   ppm
      adpcm_swf               msmpeg4v1               qtrle
      adpcm_yamaha            msmpeg4v2               rawvideo
      asv1                    msmpeg4v3               roq
      asv2                    pam                     roq_dpcm
      bmp                     pbm                     rv10
      dnxhd                   pcm_alaw                rv20
      dvbsub                  pcm_mulaw               sgi
      dvdsub                  pcm_s16be               snow
      dvvideo                 pcm_s16le               sonic
      ffv1                    pcm_s24be               sonic_ls
      ffvhuff                 pcm_s24daud             svq1
      flac                    pcm_s24le               targa
      flashsv                 pcm_s32be               tiff
      flv                     pcm_s32le               vorbis
      gif                     pcm_s8                  wmav1
      h261                    pcm_u16be               wmav2
      h263                    pcm_u16le               wmv1
      h263p                   pcm_u24be               wmv2
      huffyuv                 pcm_u24le               zlib
      jpegls                  pcm_u32be               zmbv
      libmp3lame              pcm_u32le

      Enabled parsers:
      aac                     h261                    mpeg4video
      ac3                     h263                    mpegaudio
      cavsvideo               h264                    mpegvideo
      dca                     mjpeg                   pnm
      dvbsub                  mlp                     vc1

      Enabled demuxers:
      aac                     image2                  pcm_u8
      ac3                     image2pipe              pva
      aiff                    ingenient               rawvideo
      amr                     ipmovie                 redir
      apc                     lmlm4                   rl2
      ape                     m4v                     rm
      asf                     matroska                roq
      au                      mjpeg                   rpl
      avi                     mm                      rtsp
      avs                     mmf                     sdp
      bethsoftvid             mov                     segafilm
      bfi                     mp3                     shorten
      c93                     mpc                     siff
      daud                    mpc8                    smacker
      dsicin                  mpegps                  sol
      dts                     mpegts                  str
      dv                      mpegtsraw               swf
      dxa                     mpegvideo               thp
      ea                      msnwc_tcp               tiertexseq
      ea_cdata                mtv                     tta
      ffm                     mxf                     txd
      flac                    nsv                     vc1
      flic                    nut                     vc1t
      flv                     nuv                     vmd
      fourxm                  ogg                     voc
      gif                     pcm_alaw                wav
      gsm                     pcm_mulaw               wc3
      gxf                     pcm_s16be               wsaud
      h261                    pcm_s16le               wsvqa
      h263                    pcm_s8                  wv
      h264                    pcm_u16be               xa
      idcin                   pcm_u16le               yuv4mpegpipe

      Enabled muxers:
      ac3                     image2pipe              nut
      adts                    ipod                    ogg
      aiff                    m4v                     pcm_alaw
      amr                     matroska                pcm_mulaw
      asf                     matroska_audio          pcm_s16be
      asf_stream              mjpeg                   pcm_s16le
      au                      mmf                     pcm_s8
      avi                     mov                     pcm_u16be
      avm2                    mp2                     pcm_u16le
      crc                     mp3                     pcm_u8
      dts                     mp4                     psp
      dv                      mpeg1system             rawvideo
      ffm                     mpeg1vcd                rm
      flac                    mpeg1video              roq
      flv                     mpeg2dvd                rtp
      framecrc                mpeg2svcd               swf
      gif                     mpeg2video              tg2
      gxf                     mpeg2vob                tgp
      h261                    mpegts                  voc
      h263                    mpjpeg                  wav
      h264                    null                    yuv4mpegpipe

      Enabled protocols:
      file                    pipe                    tcp
      http                    rtp                     udp

      Enabled filters:

      Enabled bsfs:
      dump_extradata          mov2textsub             noise
      h264_mp4toannexb        mp3_header_compress     remove_extradata
      imx_dump_header         mp3_header_decompress   text2movsub

      Enabled indevs:
      dv1394                  v4l                     v4l2

      Enabled outdevs:

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        What are the lines directly following the build?
        After the lines you pasted, ffmpeg will be built. Once that is done, configure will start testing for xvidcap prerequisites again with ffmpeg built. Please provide the last say 30 lines of the ffmpeg build and then the first 30 lines of where configure starts to test again.



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