Hangs on Stop

  • Jesse Litton

    Jesse Litton - 2006-08-12

    Nice to see this project being updated again.

    I'm having one problem with 1.1.4pre3 (compiled under Kubuntu 6.06 64-bit w/no errors):  It hangs when you press the stop button (recording multi-frame vid).

    There are no errors.  I see the following in the console window I started it from:

    gnome_ui.c on_xvc_ctrl_stop_toggle_toggled(): stopp button toggled
    gnome_ui.c xvc_capture_stop(): stopping
    gnome_ui.c stop_recording_nongui_stuff(): done signalling


    • Jesse Litton

      Jesse Litton - 2006-08-13

      I've also tried this, compiled in a 32-bit chroot.  It showed the exact same symptoms.  Capturing multi-frame always hangs the program when the stop button is pressed.

      I tried several formats/codecs, but received the same results.

      • Karl H. Beckers

        Karl H. Beckers - 2006-08-13

        could you please try trunk svn?
        I've fixed a threading issue that was causing a crash for me, but might also be causing a deadlock for you.

    • Jesse Litton

      Jesse Litton - 2006-08-16

      Will do.  I'll post back when I get a chance to try  it out.

    • Jesse Litton

      Jesse Litton - 2006-08-17

      That must have been the cause of my problems too - the SVN trunk version is working for me.  Keep up the good work.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      what do you mean about SVN trunk?
      i have same probleme but i don't understand what you say? please explaine more.tanx

      • Karl H. Beckers

        Karl H. Beckers - 2006-08-22

        svn (for subversion) is the version control system where I commit changes to xvidcap.
        A version control system can maintain various versions of files and releases (kinda like certain versions of various files belonging together).
        trunk is always the latest version in svn.

        Therefore, "svn trunk" means: "the latest development verion to be gotten only from the version control system"

        Follow the advice here:

        But NOTE:
        following the advice there will give you ALL of the current version control system state, i. e. including branches. To get only the current version you should use:
        svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xvidcap/trunk xvidcap


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