Simon Blandford - 2006-01-13

When I try to capture a moving image (from a Photodex presentation running under Wine) both Photodex and Gvidcap max out the CPU resulting in very choppy movement.

The target media will be a PAL DVD at 25 frames a second. I may need to transode the output from gvidcap to get there, I know.

I was wondering if there is anyway I could fool _ALL_ video applications into running at a very-much reduced framerate so that the CPU doesn't max out trying to keep up with things.

Note, this is not the same as just capturing at a lower framerate, since the resulting video will also be at a lower framerate. I want the player and gvidcap to _think_ they are running at 25 frames a second. It's a bit like stop-motion animation.

Is this possible?

Is there some way xorg or the Linux kernel can be set up to do this?

This could be just poking a magic number into /proc or actually hacking the X or Kernel code to make it happen. Does anyone know what would be involved or where to look?

I'm sure this feature would be very useful to gvidcap users.