Brightness control on replay (record?)

  • steveT

    steveT - 2008-03-11

    The pro=gram is brilliant and I have installed on both FC6 and RH EL5.

    On FC6 (Running on a DELL Latitude 610 Laptop) the playback (via mplayer) of the recorded multi frame video (auto - Mpeg4) appears slightly too bright. Is there a way to adjust this on record, or is this a playback issue?

    Thanks in advance.

    Steve T

    • Karl H. Beckers

      Karl H. Beckers - 2008-03-11

      I'm not aware of xvidcap doing anything to video brightness, it just takes the frames directly off X11.
      I'm not saying there couldn't be any subtle effects when encoding (some loss of information while transforming to YUV or some such thing), but xvidcap isn't consciously doing any such thing. Hence there is no way to influence it during capture time.
      Try to rule out such effects by doing a single-frame capture to xwd for comparison.


    • steveT

      steveT - 2008-03-12

      Thanks Karl - I'll give that a go.

      The difference is very noticable in multi-frame mode - grey on white writing becomes almost invisible in the recordings.

    • steveT

      steveT - 2008-03-14

      I tried siongle frame mode and it worked fine - so, today I retried the multi-frame mode - and it's working ok. At a loss. The only thing is that I've rebooted my laptop since.

      I'll just put it down to my old worn out eyes.
      Sorry to waste your time.


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