I stumbled upon xvidcap and have been trying to get it to record.  I am able to get video in one situation but no audio.  And on my other machine I only get a few seconds into a recording session and it freezes.

I am using openSuse 11.1 x64 and x64 and x86 with KDE 4.2 on both systems.  x86 has the stock kernel and x64 is vanilla 2.6.28-rc7.

I would like to record audio from mixer as well as the mic but am unable to determine the correct device to use for the mixer.  DSP seems to be the correct device for one of the mics.

On x64 it seems that I only really get one video frame when I try playing the output file.  Stock kernel second system records video fine but no audio.

The only real difference in the systems is one is AMD with fglrx video drivers and the other is and Intel with radeonhd video drivers.  Just about all the packages on both systems are the same.

Not sure what the issue would be as other video/audio apps are working correctly.

Looking for suggestions.