i'd like your opinion about my fps performance.

my hardware is : athlon xp 2200 (156*11.5) / 1 GB / sata drive capable of writing about 55 MB/s
software is : / xorg 6.9 with radeon driver / xvidcap 1.1.7

i'm capturing xwd frames (1000x700x16) at 10 fps with a few missing frames. xvidcap runs in command line mode. i use xwd cos i want lossless capture.

so, do you think i could do more fps with that hardware/software ? i mean, do you have recommanded settings (framebuffer ? driver ? settings ? ...) to achieve best results ?

i heard about xdamage. can it do lossless capture ? (i'd like to test that but i do not manage to compile xvidcap with ffmpeg).