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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Can anyone direct me to any work that has been done with taking the captured video and streaming it to an IP ?



    • Karl H. Beckers

      Karl H. Beckers - 2005-12-27

      I'm afraid I don't think there's a way to do that in real time. I've been trying to use ffmpeg pipe: protocol as an output format and redirect that to e.g. ffserver. However, I haven't been able to get it to open an ffmpeg pipe properly nor to get hints from the mailing list. It's definetely a feature that should not require too much work and worth revisiting for 1.1.4. Since I need to upgrade to another version of ffmpeg then, anyway, it might even just work with a more current version.

      If you're just looking for a howto for taking the file and setting up a stream lateron, I have no idea personally. Somebody else on the forum might, but I'd try on the streaming server's mailing list ... find out what formats/codecs are supported and then use gvidcap to capture such a video.


      P.S.: You might want to file an RFE for it

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thanks for your reply, when you say "I'd try on the streaming server's mailing list" are you referring to ffserver ?

    • peter_boot

      peter_boot - 2005-12-28

      Can xvidcap output to stdout ?

      Apparently it is possible to 'cat' a file to ffmpeg and stream it using ffserver.

      e.g. cat /video/test.mpg | ffmpeg -i -

    • Karl H. Beckers

      Karl H. Beckers - 2005-12-28

      I was not referring to any streaming server in particular (the one of your choice), but ffserver would be one.

      As for output to stdout, that was what I was referring to in my first reply ... ffmpeg has the capability to output to stdout using the pipe protocol of the libavformat API. However, I haven't been able to successfully use it, yet. Therefore to date xvicap cannot do that. You can try by specifying --file "-" . The error you'll be seeing is the one that got me stuck.


    • Sinan Nalkaya

      Sinan Nalkaya - 2005-12-28

      with 1.1.4 you have --codec option so you may be able to do like this;
      ./gvidcap --gui no . . . .. . --codec mpeg2 --file | ffmpeg -i - -f dvd udp://
      for earlier version you may do,
      ./xvidcap . . . --file sample.mpeg
      && ffmpeg -i sample.mpeg -f dvd udp://

    • Karl H. Beckers

      Karl H. Beckers - 2006-01-02

      Hi all,
      you might try again with current CVS.
      I have verified that smth. DOES now get put out to stdout and you CAN (should) redirect that to a file or potentially a pipe.

      Was able to do smth. like:

      ../src/gvidcap --gui no --mf --fps 24 --format \ 
        avi --codec mpeg2 --file "-" | ./ffmpeg -i - \   -f dvd

      However, I was not able to play the movie. totem complained about mmsh://..... "no plugin to handle this movie" and mplayer fills its cache for ever.

      Perhaps somebody with more streaming xp could verify that I've just set up my players incorrectly.



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