Problems trying to capture the sound.

  • tirengarfio

    tirengarfio - 2007-09-12


    when i capture (movie) something and then i create a .mov file, i can see the images but not the sound (i tried mp2, mp3, vorbis and pcm16 options). What's the problem?

    Does the sound works with other video formats?

    Im not an expert user so maybe could be a problem with the sound on my system. A clue: i dont have any problems to hear the sound of this mov:

    I have ubuntustudio 7.04 and  Intel core duo.

    I like xvidcap :)

    • tirengarfio

      tirengarfio - 2007-09-12

      I forgot i have xvidcap 1.1.6 and the player where i dont have problems to hear the sound of a mov file is Totem 2.18.1.

      Anyway I have just read the FAQ, and i want to add i have installed libavcodec and libavformat:

      libavcodec release: libavcodec0d - 3:0.cvs20060823-3.1ubuntu4
      libavformat release: libavformat0d - 3:0.cvs20060823-3.1ubuntu4

      I hope this will help...

      • Karl H. Beckers

        Karl H. Beckers - 2007-09-13

        does recording from a microphone work?
        Have you read this:

        look for "Recording sound does not work (or it only works for the microphone, not application output)"


    • tirengarfio

      tirengarfio - 2007-09-30

      Sorry for the wait..

      Thanks for your interest Karl.

      Now, I can record clearly my voice with xvidcap using a microphone, but when the sound comes from a music player for example, xvidcap records it too low and adds noise.

      This is a screenshot of alsamixer and almixergui settings i use:

      I have read the FAQ but as you can see i don't have red dots at "Mic" neither "Mic Boost".

      When i use sox to record, the sound is the same as using xvidcap (clearly using the microphone and noisy and low using trying to record the sound from a music player).



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