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This soft is a serious threat for Microsoft

José Luis
  • José Luis

    José Luis - 2004-03-25

    I think that this software could make linux public to every people.

    This could be included in all distribution, and make it as "easy to use" that let every people teach others (in their language) how to use linux machines.

    It is known that people dont like read manuals and docs. And it is hard to traslate its to other language. And it is well known that the bandwith of comunications and HD capacity is growing everyday. I suppose next year will be thosand and thousand of tutorials published in a lot of languages for a lot of OpenSource programs written by end-users for end-users.

    • Karl H. Beckers

      Karl H. Beckers - 2004-03-27

      I wouldn't mind ;)
      but then again you need to be pretty serious to be a serious
      threat to M$.
      While I agree to the thought about disk space and bandwith,
      I'm pretty sure M$ could just buy e.g. Camtasia if need be.
      And whether a screen-movie app can make Linux mainstream
      enough will remain to be seen.

      my 2 cents,


    • José Luis

      José Luis - 2004-05-11

      You are right. Maybe Im exceeded with the M$ (as you say)
      But its true that xvidcap is a very very good teaching-learnig tool in a short future.

    • Nigel Symes

      Nigel Symes - 2004-05-16

      I think slowly but surely this will be a really big help to making linux popular.

      I plan on creating a couple of series using this software (thanks Charly) and distributing them via the torrent network (thus getting around hosting and bandwidth issues

    • a thing

      a thing - 2005-10-09

      Yeah, it is :D


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