#4 Imperfect sticky toggle

Gtk2 GUI (20)

In GTK2, the sticky selection toggle isn't working properly. When you use the selection tool, the detached menubar positions itself above the new capture frame instead of remaining where it was placed.


  • David Liontooth

    David Liontooth - 2003-11-13
    • priority: 5 --> 4
  • Karl H. Beckers

    Karl H. Beckers - 2003-11-13
    • assigned_to: nobody --> charly4711
    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Karl H. Beckers

    Karl H. Beckers - 2003-11-13

    Logged In: YES

    Fixed in CVS

    This was due to a change to the ChangeFrame functions introduced
    to enable --cap_geometry. It ensures that if you use
    --cap_geometry the control will get out of the way of the
    when you launch the GUI.

    I'd prefer this to be achievable through just keeping the
    locked to the control, but this is not feasible if you want
    to accurately
    position the frame, because you cannot accurately position the
    control above the frame, because you have no way of telling how
    big the window manager's title bar is, and then any
    (like changing the filename to a different length ... which
    the label in the control, etc.) will again move the frame.
    (NB: note this means --cap_geometry ALWAYS starts the frame

    Anyway, I'll think about how the lock of control and
    selection frame
    might be implemented as a relative lock (like always keep the
    relative positions).
    Until then, the issue is resolved by changing behaviour so that
    the control is only repositioned on a ChangeFrame on lauch.
    No more moving an unlocked control on frame reselection.


  • Karl H. Beckers

    Karl H. Beckers - 2003-11-13
    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed

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