Version 0.2 - RemoveFreeNotification method

  • Anonymous - 2001-01-09

    I recently downloaded the latest version, 0.2 and had some errors when I tried compiling it. The file JvxClasses.pas causes three instances of the same type of error. The error is the RemoveFreeNotification method is not defined for the TJvxDataField, TJvxDataSource and TJvxElement.


    • Oleg Sych

      Oleg Sych - 2001-01-10

      That is a very strange error. RemoveFreeNotification is a public method of TComponent.

      Could you provide additional information?
      What version of the compiler are you using? What are the error line numbers and exact compiler messages that you see?

      • Anonymous - 2001-01-11

        Here are the error messages.

        [Error] JvxClasses.pas(1194): Undeclared identifier: 'RemoveFreeNotification'
        [Error] JvxClasses.pas(1761): Undeclared identifier: 'RemoveFreeNotification'
        [Error] JvxClasses.pas(1784): Undeclared identifier: 'RemoveFreeNotification'
        [Fatal Error] JvxVCLTest.dpr(48): Could not compile used unit '..\Source\JvxClasses.pas'

        FreeNotification is a public method of TComponent but I haven't found FreeNotification. I'm using Delphi 5.0 (beta).

        • Anonymous - 2001-01-11

          The last sentence should read:
          FreeNotification is a public method of TComponent but I haven't found RemoveFreeNotification. I'm using Delphi 5.0 (beta).

        • Oleg Sych

          Oleg Sych - 2001-01-11

          Apparently RemoveFreeNotification method was added in the released version of Delphi 5. I don't have Delphi 5 beta CDs anymore, but I checked Delphi 4 source and it wasn't there either. So I think that RemoveFreeNotification method was added late in 5.0 development cycle.

          XVCL doesn't support versions of Delphi prior to 5.0. Due to lack of development resources there are no plans of supporting prior versions of Delphi.


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