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  • Sascha Presnac

    Sascha Presnac - 2001-04-26


    Can you tell me how to do this:

    load a XML file
    parse the Elements and attributs in it
    change the Elements and attributes in it
    save this data to a XML file
    close the XML file

    This would be very helpfull to me.
    Thanks in advance...


    • Oleg Sych

      Oleg Sych - 2001-04-26

      Currently XVCL doesn't support parsing XML, you can only generate it. (It is one of the nice to have items in the future versions feature list). 

      Try using MSXML parser instead - import MSXML.dll as a type library. After that you can use MSXML parser in a Delphi program. Check out msdn online at for more examples on how to do that. You can also modify XML attributes and elements using MSXML parser.


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