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Mac Usage

  • Tana Jackson

    Tana Jackson - 2006-12-22


    I'm trying to use XulBooster on the Mac.  When I go to preferences and try to set the Firefox exe I get an error:  "Value must be an existing file".  I'm using the browse button to select from /Applications.  The file definitely exists. 

    Any ideas?

    • Edward Mann

      Edward Mann - 2006-12-28

      Sorry about taking a long time to get back to you. I don't have a mac, but i have an employee that does. I will test it on there mac. I don't think the type matters Intel/PPC, but if you can give me more info on your specs that may be useful.


    • Nabil Sayegh

      Nabil Sayegh - 2007-05-22

      In OSX "Applications" actually are directories (with *.app suffix). File Dialogs hide that fact.
      You need to type the real path to the binary into the input box (instead of using the browse button):



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