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  • Edward Mann

    Edward Mann - 2006-11-23

    I just tried the XULBooster out on linux and it looks like there is a path problem. The directory path looks like it is hard coded for Windows. Is this true? I will look at the code later, but i don't want to go searching for something that may not be there. This looks really good. I am about to start a XUL project and wanted a designer for Eclipse. I will be following this project.

    thanks for the app.

    • Legens Frédéric


      Normally they are not hard code for windows, but i haven't testing xulbooster on linux and mac OS.
      Wath is exactly your problems? In the preference window, or in extension editor when you whant register or unregister your extension in firefox ?

    • Edward Mann

      Edward Mann - 2006-11-28

      When you create a new project the directories do not show up correct.


      1. File->New->Other->Xul Wizard->Firefox Extension.
      When you create this the directories show up as files.

      I would need to move the paths into the srcExtension directory, then re-name them to get them to work.

      Finishing the example tutorial, the register does not seem to work in Firefox 2.0.

      I have tested it in firefox 1.5.* and it works well. I had changed the target minVersion = 1.5 maxVersion 2.0.* and the application still would not function. What is the correct settings to get the Xul app to work with Firefox 2.0?

      I hope this is enough detail to answer your questions.


    • Edward Mann

      Edward Mann - 2006-11-28

      I got Firefox 2.0 working.


      Target - minVersion = 2.0 maxVersion = 2.0.0.*

      Now i can run the app in Firefox 2.0.

      Very cool.

    • samyak_bhuta

      samyak_bhuta - 2006-11-28


      I too encountered the same issue while I was trying to make a HelloWorld XUL extension on Linux. In total this issue affects 3 files in the extension's directory structure.

      But, unlike Ed I am still not able to get the extension up and running on my Firefox. I followed the steps which are mentioned in the Hello World Tutorial ( cheat sheets ). I am not able to even findout if the extension is registered or not as after clicking the "Register extension" nothing is happening - niether the message of affirmation nor the message for error/warning.

      Please note I am a newbee to the XUL (Firefox Extension) development.

      My System Details
      OS: Linux ( openSuse 10.1 )

      Firefox : Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060425 SUSE/ Firefox/

      Eclipse : Version 3.2

      Please help me get out ...



    • Edward Mann

      Edward Mann - 2006-11-29

      Did you go into window->preferences->Xul Preferences and set the exe path for Firefox, and also the default profile? The profile may be in a .mozilla/firefox directory. If you are the only user it should just show up as *.default.
      Set the default profile path to that directory so it should look something like
      apply -> ok

      In the path everything after the last slash and before the .default is random. Firefox creates that for each profile. Yours will be different. After that is set you can now register the extension.

      If you "Term or gui" look inside the extensions directory of the profile you should see show up as a file.

      Now if you re-start your Firefox session you should see the extension if you go into Tools->add-ons(FF2) or Tools->Extensions(FF1.5*).

    • Legens Frédéric

      This bug is corrected in release 0.1.5.


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