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Missing builder

  • Leandro Mariano Lopez

    I'm using Eclipse 3.2.2, with JDK 1.6 (or 1.5, doesn't matter), and after creating a project, the Builders property configuration says that org.xulbooster.eclipse.xb.xulBuilder is missing. Does anybody can help me? Thanks.

    • Legens Frédéric

      It's very strange.
      Can you give me your version of XulBooster?

      And send me by mail a screencopy of the Builders property configuration to cms at

      Thank you.

    • Leandro Mariano Lopez

      I'm using XulBooster 0.1.7 with Eclipse 3.3.0 (it's not 3.2.2 as I've stated above). I've sent you the screenshot.

    • johnjbarton

      johnjbarton - 2007-08-02

      I have the same problem.  I used SVN to download a project then noticed "Missing builder (org.xulbooster.eclipse.xb.xulBuilder)" under Project->Properties->Builders. So I installed xulBooster and restarted eclipse. Same message.

      My project folder icon is marked with a yellow X and I did try remove and add XUL nature under the context menu for the project (thanks for that BTW).  Did not fix the build tho.

      I also noticed a Xul Project tab under the project properties.  It has two fields, XulSourceFolder and XulMasterLanguage. Both are blank.

      Is there any documentation?


    • Legens Frédéric


        It's a small bugs: a builder is declared in XulBooster but for the moment the builder don't exist.
        I thnik is't not reaaly a problem to use XulBooster.

        Fields XulSourceFolder and XulMasterLanguage are blank if you have created a Simple Xul Project. it's your case ?

      Best regards


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