XulBooster-0.1.6.zip broken?

  • Sebastien Vauclair

    I've tried many different mirrors, I always end up with a broken ZIP file, whereas I have never had any problem downloading from SF before.

    Note: the too perfect file size (1024000 bytes) might suggest an upload problem.

    • Legens Frédéric

      Yes the zip file was corrupted.
      It is replaced by the file XulBooster-

    • David Marteau

      David Marteau - 2007-04-09

      The XulBooster-0.1.6.zip is still broken , trying to install it give the following error:

      "Selected Archive does not contain an update site..."

      A quick fix is available at http://xulfr.org/download/XulBooster-

      Please could you provide a way to handle update from 1.5 ?



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