Leo - 2012-11-20

Welcome to XUI!

What is XUI?

XUI is an efficient, flexible and easy-to-use windows UI library. It implements the concept Direct UI where all controls are drawn directly and are not native windows.

XUI is written in C++ and based on the most widely used library ATL.


  • Layout by XML.
  • Full basic controls: Static, Button, Edit, List (by aggregation), Tree, Animation, Scroll Frame, Dock, etc.
  • Control aggregation is fully supported.
  • Flexible I: You can make controls look like whatever you want it to be.
  • Flexible II: Custom controls are very easy to build and integrate. Basic controls supplied and aggregation support makes it even easier.

And, it is evolving and is regularly updated.


See https://sourceforge.net/p/xuilib/wiki/Documentation/#85bc


Leo: milestone.jxd@gmail.com
Bean: lgbean@live.com

Last edit: Leo 2012-11-30