#66 confirm fleeing from combat

Dan Weber

In all my years of playing U4, I have probably accidentally fled 4x as often as I have fled on purpose.

If you try to move off the screen in a winOrLose battle (not a dungeon room), the game should prompt if you wish to do it. If so, you flee. If not, you are "blocked."

Optionally, this answer should be remembered for the rest of the battle.


  • Dreamberry Ice Cream

    I like this idea.
    But instead of a "yes / no" prompt, how about this:
    When a party member tries to leave combat, xu4 clears the keyboard buffer.
    It then displays a message along the lines of "Do you really want to flee?"
    To do so, the player must press the appropriate arrow key again.

  • Dallen Wilson

    Dallen Wilson - 2011-04-14

    Asking a yes/no question and then expecting a directional response is very counter-intuitive. Perhaps a message more like "Going that direction again will flee combat!".

    I do think this would be a nice feature to have. I too have often fled without intending to, on occasion ;) Though I think the problem is a lot more pronounced when playing with a modern machine, where the game responds so much faster and we therefore give it input faster. Easier to make mistakes that way.

    I think it's worth looking in to, at the least. I've got a few feature requests and bug reports I'm looking at, I'll add this to the list.


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