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New xu4 Forum

  • Andrew Taylor

    Andrew Taylor - 2003-10-15

    xu4 now has a new discussion forum.  The new forum is available here:  http://xu4.sourceforge.net/forum/.

    Please use the new forum: it is based on phorum (http://phorum.org) and is much more flexible than this one.  We we still monitor this old discussion group, but please use the new one for new topics.



    • kirk1

      kirk1 - 2007-08-18

      Help....the shrines wont let me pray....ex:shrine of sacrafice...type in sacrafice or Sacrafice and i cant focus my thoughts..???

      • Michael Ryan

        Michael Ryan - 2007-08-19

        See this thread some information on meditating at shrines:


        When entering the virtue name, be sure to spell it correctly.  The correct spelling of the virtue you mentioned in your post is "sacrifice".  If the name is entered incorrectly, that could be a reason for the inability to focus thoughts.

        Please let us know if this fails to solve the problem.  You could try searching through the forum posts for additional information as well.  The other forum is the one you should be checking, as this one isn't very active these days.


        Also, if you haven't yet downloaded the latest snapshot, we highly recommend you do that.  The Beta3 has a number of bugs that have since been fixed.  Check the "xu4 Daily Snapshot Builds" section of the download page for a link.


  • Darren Janeczek

    Darren Janeczek - 2010-12-15

    What shall we do about the deceased xu4 forums?


  • Michael Ryan

    Michael Ryan - 2010-12-15

    I didn't even know they we no longer functioning.  I believe I may still have access to the web server folders, although the login info would be on a computer I won't have access to until this weekend.  I'll check then.  If I can get on, I can either attempt to fix the forum (if that's something we want to do), or update the link to point to this forum.

  • kirben

    kirben - 2010-12-15

    The xu4 forum was flooded by endless spam, and the settings couldn't be altered (permission issues) to reduce spam. So the xu4 forum was taken down, until it can be fixed and secured.

  • klapse

    klapse - 2012-09-11

    THANKS Andrew Taylor.  I care about this game and am working to bring a quality port to the OpenPandora handheld.  check us out at http://boards.openpandora.org/index.php?/topic/3494-ultima-4-xu4/page__st__40

    My main gripes are audio related at the moment and im trying to learn enough of the source code to fix them.  CHEERS


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