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xtirer: 0.2 beta

Xtirer is a lightweight, easy to deploy solution to get formatted output from MYSQL Database by only defining the objects, their data source and optional data manipulation without writing a line of code.

Yep, much water has run down the river, but finally Xtire 0.2 is here - with a lot of new features. Like writing data to the database or reading directories. So check it out and enjoy.

Posted by mipme kampfkolos 2008-07-09

Xtirer 0.1a (pre-alpha) released

Xtirer, proposed to be your little helper when you need XML output from a MYSQL database is available as a first pre-alpha release. A first small introduction explaning the key principles of the project has been added alongside. Please try and comment...

Posted by mipme kampfkolos 2007-02-18