XTF 1.9 Released

The main feature of the new XTF release is greatly improved documentation. Practically all features are documented now, allowing users to take full advantage of the system.

In addition, there are a few new features, and a slew of bug fixes. The features in particular caused us to bump the version number to 1.9 instead of 1.8.1.

Below is a full listing of the changes for this release:

Changes in 1.9

- Lots up documentation updates. See docs/index.html for details.
[Support #1548143 1542336, 1524668, 1493134, 1487452,
1470971, 1430268, 1365117, 1298253, 1292469, 1289172,
1289092, 1289091, 1285432, 1285208, 1285201, 1285189,

- Stylesheets can now cause a real HTTP redirect, to send the
user's browser to a different URL. [Feature 1568108]

- New query operator: multi-field AND, that requires *all* terms
to be present, but in *any* of the listed fields. Default
stylesheets now use this for basic "keyword" search.
[Feature 1607168]

- New query operator: orNear. This is like a typical OR query,
except that when multiple terms are present in the same meta-
data field, their proximity is taken into account when
scoring. [Feature 1607170]

- Added Saxon extension functions to check a file's existence,
and get its length or timestamp. [Features 1118097, 1306981]

- Fixed bug: Scoring of hits in the full text ("text" field)
was not normalizing based on the length of the document,
causing full-text documents to dominate meta-data-only docs in
keyword searches that include both. [Bug 1607181]

- Fixed bug: The original EAD stylesheets didn't show hits
in context. Also, the output was very different from the TEI
display. EAD formatting is now much better. [Bug 1548258]

- Fixed bug: Some links in the TEI navigation bar were broken.
[Bug 1607175]

- Fixed bug: wildcards containing accented characters were not
working properly. [Bug 1571681]

- Fixed bug: Diacritic characters in URLs weren't always being
properly decoded by the servlets. [Bug 1570248]

- Fixed bug: The XTF query parser was rejecting <sectionType>
queries within <near> queries. [Bug 1570262]

- Fixed bug: Pass-through tags had stopped working, with the
servlets rejecting them. [Bug 1554410]

- Fixed bug: "Exact" queries beginning or ending with stop
words failed to match. [Bug 1548289]

- Fixed bug: the year parsing in the default textIndexer
prefilters was failing to parse dates with repeated years
such as "December 1999, copyright (C) 1999". [Bug 1548260]

- Fixed bug: Synthetic queries (such as "more like this") were
using the Lucene "coordination factor" and thus getting
artificially low scores. The coord factor is only for user-
generated queries. [Bug 1607177]

- Fixed bug: Default crossQuery result formatter was jamming all
text snippets together on one line. [Bug 1607173]

- Fixed bug: XTF query parser wasn't recognizing the "maxSnippets"
attribute on the main <query> element, only on sub-elements.
[Bug 1591585]

- Fixed bug: phrase queries containing repeated terms failed to
match at all. [Bug 1523473]

- Added experimental dynamic FRBR mode... see docs/
experimental.html for details.

- To aid in searching fine-grained numeric data (such as
timestamps), a new mode for the <range> operator has been
added that that allows for very efficient searching on numeric
data. [Feature 1541643]

- A couple of jar files have been removed, as they were no longer
necessary. [Bug 1585405]

- The web.xml file included should now be more compatible with
Jetty. [Bug 1585408]

- A batch file for running the textIndexer under Windows is now
included in the distribution. [Feature 1595965]

- Added support for TEI tables in
style/dynaXML/docFormatter/tei/table.xsl [Bug 1607153]

- Acknowledgement messages for the generous support from the
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation have been placed in the various
source code modules that were primarily impacted by the
grant-funded work. [Feature 1607184]

Posted by mhaye 2006-12-02

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