Vega - 2008-09-08

Hello friends,

I noticed that despite its beta state XTAPI development seems to have cessed 6 years ago. Although XTAPI will serve for my current needs (and for this I'd like to thank you) I think it may not be suitable for my future plans.

So I'm already seeking for the way to go and for so I would like your advice. My future plans includes call control features that is in JTAPI but aren't implemented by XTAPI. I'm trying to avoid programming directly in C/C++ and using MS TAPI because I want a cross plataform application (also I'm not a C/C++ master).

So what do you suggest me? Should I go for C/C++? For windows I can use the TAPI and what about Linux? What can I use to achieve the same functionality?

What new technologies do you suggest? I heard a lot about Asterisk but it demands expensive hardware.

Any suggestion, advice is welcome! Thank you!