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Installation instructions for Xtables-addons

Xtables-addons uses the well-known configure(autotools) infrastructure
in combination with the kernel's Kbuild system.

	$ ./configure
	$ make
	# make install

Supported configurations for this release

	* iptables >= 1.4.3

	* kernel-source >= 2.6.17, no upper bound known
	  with prepared build/output directory
	    enabled =y or as module (=m)

Extra notes:

	* in the kernel 2.6.18.x series, >= is required

	* requires that no vendor backports interfere

Selecting extensions

You can edit the "mconfig" file to select what modules to build and
install. By default, all modules are enabled.

Configuring and compiling

./configure [options]


	Specifies the path to the kernel build output directory. We need
	it for building the kernel extensions. It defaults to
	/lib/modules/$(running version)/build, which usually points to
	the right directory. (If not, you need to install something.)


	Specifies the path to the directory where we may find
	xtables.h, should it not be within the standard C compiler
	include path (/usr/include), or if you want to override it.
	The directory will be checked for xtables.h and
	include/xtables.h. (The latter to support both standard
	/usr/include and the iptables source root.)


	Specifies the path to where the newly built extensions should
	be installed when `make install` is run. It uses the same
	default as the Xtables package, ${libexecdir}/xtables.

If you want to enable debugging, use

	./configure CFLAGS="-ggdb3 -O0"

(-O0 is used to turn off instruction reordering, which makes debugging
much easier.)

Build-time options

V= controls the kernel's make verbosity.
V=0	"silent" (output filename)
V=1	"verbose" (entire gcc command line)

VU= controls the Xt-a make verbosity.
VU=0	output filename
VU=1	output filename and source file
VU=2	entire gcc command line

Note to distribution packagers

Except for --with-kbuild, distributions should not have a need to
supply any other flags (besides --prefix=/usr and perhaps
--libdir=/usr/lib64, etc.) to configure when all prerequired packages
are installed. If iptables-devel is installed, necessary headers should
be in /usr/include, so --with-xtables is not needed.

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